Millenium Documentury Film Festival
Millenium Documentury Film Festival
festival identity

The Millennium Film Festival is the most popular documentary festivals in Belgium. Since 2013 victormov build the graphics concept and visual identity on the festival. The festival advertising campaign including posters, City Play model, Iconic model and many others print advertisements. From 2019 the festival also has a new web site design by victormov and developed by zon-studio. Responsive design with very good social connections. Very good movies schedule, presented each movie in separate page and then archive it.

The festivals vision always had been with optimistic color and little bit funny impression. Yes we know the films them are very serious but actually our goes is to be optimistic for the our future. That is why we have choosen our style to be more fun.

In Brussels we have some kinds of advertising including posters, roll banners, and city models. Our campaign has been very successful. We relied on bright colors and painted vision.
During the festival we branded all advertising materials with the festival vision.

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