app design, advertising, illustration, motion graphics

UI for app and web design. Graphics design, illustration and animation for advertising web and social campains.
CozZo is food, home & personal supplies manager, combined with a multi-purpose shopping planner that helps you avoid food waste by tracking what you have and when it expires.


UI web site

Victormov has been part of core design team. Part of conceptual design meetings and advice on best practices and optimizations in the design process. The main idea is to create an easy-to-use but high-value product. Simple design with custom hand drawing icons.

Advertising Campaigns

We have built huge ad campaign including social media posts, funny stories and impressive images. Тhe process has been long but result has been inspiring.
Animated advertisements and presentations

and video social ad. Square dimension for instagram


That is how there were born 5 Amazing Apple Stories and 1 Reason Why We Have an Apple in Our Log. blog stories

Snowhite and the Apple, A Medieval SciFi Thriller

The Apple and the Independence of Switzerland

The Apple and the Laws of Gravity

The Apple and the Garden of Eden

The Apple and the War of Troy

Social ad campaigns


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