Tegelling in Maina Town
Tegelling in Maina Town
game design

Tegelling in Maina Town is an 8-bit graphics game for arcade game and smartphone. The whole concept was around a monument of the soldier Alosha. It is the biggest monument in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Its story is a lot compromised but we decided to look at it from a different angle. It has been the game hero already.

The Idea

There is a main street In Plovdiv. Every Plovdivication passes there at least once a day. This effort we call tegel. But there are many prototers there and that is a problem. We need of a superhero. We look around and here are the monuments of the town.

The Heros

The Others

How To Play



Arcade Mashine

The Event

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That was a memory for all life. Someone could not stop to play.

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